Crushed Turquoise Silver Cuff Bracelet

Crushed Turquoise Silver Cuff Bracelet

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Beautiful channel set, sterling silver bracelet, accented with turquoise and your horse’s own tail! 

Minimum 12” lock of tail needed the width of your pinky.  

Please see sizing chart and information in photos.

Sizing Guide:

The two numbers in the sizing equal the bracelet’s length & width in centimeters.  You can measure the width and thickness of your wrist and choose the option that’s slightly larger, or you can measure the circumference of your wrist and use our size conversion chart to help you select the right size.  Bracelets can be widened or made smaller slightly by hand if needed.  

Wrist Diameter & Sizing Info:

4.5”-6.25” - Size 55/45 or higher
6” - 7.25 - Size 60/50 or higher
6.5”-8 - Size 65/55  

For a looser fit or to be safe,
always choose a larger size.

For availability on larger
sizes please email us.