Store Policies

Here you'll find our store policies.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at


Order Policy for Custom Jewelry

    • Orders may be canceled and refunded up to 30 days during regular season orders for in-stock custom pieces to receive a full refund from our store, as long as the order has not been started, completed or shipped. Request must be submitted to us by email.
    • Special/custom orders or commissions cast in gold are not refundable at any time.   
    • Special/custom orders including any and all commissions such as one-offs, unique items, or any rings and bracelets which are pre-ordered to your specific size or measurements or specifications are not refundable, if an order has already been placed to have these pieces made.  These pieces are handmade by our silversmith for you, would not have been created if not for your specific request and we have an upfront cost to get them made.
    • Due to the high demand and turnover of orders, orders placed during our holiday rush season dates between October 15th and December 15th, with holiday delivery may not be eligible for refund.  
    • If an order is canceled/refunded within our 30 day limit, but a tail has already been shipped from the buyer to us, it is the customer's responsibility to pay any and all shipping costs to have the tail returned to them.  If they do not pay to have the tail shipped back, Levade reserves the right to hold the customer's horse or pet hair until shipping has been paid.  Tails will be held for one full year from order date, at which time we assume the customer is not interested in receiving the tail back and reserve the right to use it as stock. 
    • If an order is not canceled or the required materials are not sent to fulfill the order within our 25-30 day limit, we reserve the right (when applicable) to send the sterling silver jewelry to the customer to fulfill order requirements, or in regard to bracelets or products made entirely or mostly out of horse hair - a credit refund will be issued in the form of store credit gift certificate for the total value of the order.  Full cash refunds are not issued if a refund is not requested within the 30 day window.  Not sending your horse's tail within our limits does not make you eligible for a refund. 
    • Gift certificates are issued immediately by email and are non-refundable. However they do not expire. 
    • Gift certificates purchased on sale may not be eligible to be combined with another offer.
    • Orders are generally completed in the order they are received based on tail availability.  Your order number gives your order priority in the production line. If your tail is not available, we will put your order on hold until it is.
    • There is no time limit to sending your horse's mane or tail to us.  Delay in sending a tail could result in extended turnaround times for your order for many reasons, but we understand that tails are not always immediately available and are happy to accommodate your schedule when we can.  If you do not get the tail to us within 25 days we reserve the right to ship the jewelry out immediately to complete the sale.  
    • It is assumed, unless specified after placing an order that each customer will be supplying the tail of their own horse or similar for each piece.  If for some reason that tail is not available, the customer may choose to have the piece created with our stock tail at no additional charge.
    • We ask when possible, that the outside of each tail package sent to us includes the name on your order as well as your order number.  We understand that sometimes the tails are sent from different people or locations, but delays can occur if we are unable to clearly identify the order ownership/association of a package.
    • We take our orders very seriously and have limited inventory available at any given time.  Failure to send your horse's tail does not necessarily entitle a customer to a refund if the refund is requested beyond our 30 day policy.  Levade retains the rights to ship the blank jewelry pieces to the customers to complete themselves at any time before or beyond our 30 day return policy to satisfy the contract sale if needed.  An order is defined as the purchase of a jewelry piece.  The act of setting the tail into the piece is a service offered by us free of charge in exchange for product purchase.  If a jewelry piece is shipped to a customer and they would still like us to complete it for them, we are still happy to do so at their shipping expense. 
    • Our jewelry is cast by hand with the top standards possible, but due to the nature of the casting process there may be slight variations in your piece that differ from our photos.  This is not a flaw, it simply makes your piece as beautiful and unique as the horse who's tail it adorns!  
    • Levade does their best to make sure each piece is checked for quality before being shipped to you.  In an event there is an issue with your piece or it is faulty, you have 60 days to let us know and we will fix or replace the damaged item. 
    • To be eligible for a return & repair of a faulty piece, please email us at with your order number and a photo and description of the issue.  Whether or not your item falls under the warranty is at our discretion. Levade reserves the right to deny an exchange or credit for your piece if we feel that the issue was a result of neglect or failure to care for your jewelry properly.
    • In regard to an issue that is covered by us, you will be emailed a pre-paid shipping label for the return of your piece, and it will also be returned to you after the replacement or repair is completed at no cost to you.  If the issue is not covered, you will still have the choice to have it repaired by us, but will be responsible for repair costs if any, and shipping both ways.  
    • Normal wear and tear is not included in the 90 day policy.  This includes scratches, hair breakage or snags, alterations to the piece or hair by a third party, exposure to abrasives, water, chemicals, perfumes or neglect.  It is the responsibility of our buyers to take the best care possible of their jewelry to preserve and extend it's beauty and life. 
    • Due to exposure to the elements, chemicals, water, oils, perfumes and more, our pieces and improper care, our pieces are naturally subject to tarnishing.  It is the owners responsibility to take the best care possible of their keepsake to maintain it's beauty.
    • Payment for your custom keepsake commission is due at the time of ordering, unless you have prearranged a payment plan or agreement with us.
    • If payment is retracted, withheld, charged back or canceled at any time, while your order is under the terms and conditions of our store policies, you will be held responsible for any additional fees we incur from the bank or third-party service handling your dispute.  Levade reserves the right to hold your piece, including horse's mane/tail until the item is paid for in full, and claims are resolved before shipping it to you.  If payment is not received, is being withheld, or a dispute has been filed while within the limits and conditions of our store polices, Levade reserves the right to recover losses through the sale/resale of your piece and the use of your horse's hair for stock purposes.
    • Levade does not take any responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to items or hair traveling to or from our facility.  We understand that horse hair is precious and sentimental to our customers and welcome them to add additional protection such as tracking, signatures, insurance or certified-mail when sending the tail to us, at their discretion. We also recommend only sending the amount of tail needed for each piece, not an entire tail of a lost loved one.  
    • Any changes, modifications, special instructions/requests, updates or specifications to a current order must be emailed to us at and confirmed by our team.  Levade is not responsible for mistakes made by our customers regarding their orders or special instructions, but will always work with you to resolve them as quickly as possible. 
    • Levade reserves the right to refund the money of a completed purchase and return the tail to the customer if applicable, at any time, for any reason.  This includes but are not limited to an inability to get materials needed to complete a piece or a custom item within a timely manner, or health issues that may interfere with an ability to complete a piece or commission.   
    • Order turnover can vary on average from 10 days to 30 days, depending on when your order was placed, time of year, what was ordered, custom pieces, available inventory, how many orders are currently ahead of yours, as well as shipping and other issues.  No orders can be guaranteed to be delivered on or before a certain date, unless you have confirmed that date and the availability of your pieces ordered with our staff before placing your order.  Do not assume any order will arrive at a certain time without confirmation or making arrangements with us for expedition.
    • Orders are typically made in the order they are received upon tail and inventory availability.  Turnover begins from the date the tail has been received, not the date the order was placed.  Tails are not always sent quickly and any delay in tail receipt can greatly alter a current turnaround estimate.  While there is no deadline in which to send a tail, it is the customer's responsibility to send the tail within a timely manner, if they need or expect a quicker turnaround.
    • Tails that are sent extremely dirty, soiled, moldy or tangled may be subject to a wash fee as well as turnaround delays.  While tails do not need to be sent to us in pristine showroom condition, (we treat and condition the tails) we do ask that they are given a basic pre-wash to remove general dirt, mature, grime, surface bacteria and mold.  Unless approved otherwise, we reserve the right not to accept tails sent in extreme unsanitary conditions, due to health reasons.    
    • While during current conditions, orders generally take within 14-21 days, at any given time orders can take up to or over 3-6 months in the wake of any act of god, war, pandemics/epidemics, personal staff injury or sickness, government/state law restrictions, labor restrictions, holidays, personal employment/schedule changes, funerals, riots, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, power outages, technology issues, supply shortages and unavailability, silversmith & 3rd party supply vendor delays, transportation issues, postage delays, quarantines, order product/demand surges, customer tail receipt or additional acts or circumstances out of our control.  Levade is not responsible for any delays, issues or failure in performance to the above mentioned.  We will always do our best to get orders out in a timely manner within our control, but our timeline is extremely organic and turnaround is dependent on and affected by many external factors including every day life.  It is the customer's responsibility to inquire about the current estimated turnaround times, and to confirm dates for orders needed within a specific time.  

Pet Fur

  • We do allow dog and cat fur, among other animals to be used in our pieces, however since it differs greatly from a horse's mane and tail we have stricter conditions and guidelines.
  • We are not liable for the loss, damage, or theft of pet fur shipped to and from our facility. 
  • All pet fur must be extremely clean and prewashed (free from dander and dirt) and order ready for sanitary and health reasons.  It will not be additionally treated or washed upon receipt before being used to create your custom piece. 
  • If the hair sent is not clean and dander free, it will not be accepted by our staff for health reasons.  The hair will be immediately returned and the order will be refunded.
  • Pet commissions are created on a case by case basis.  Fur is extremely difficult to work with due to it's fineness, lack of length, softness and its variation from pet to pet.  We can't always determine whether or not it can be used in a specific piece until we see it in person. If the hair is not able to be used in it's intended piece, the customer will be contacted regarding alternative options for the fur.  If the customer wishes the order be canceled instead and the fur returned, they will be required to pay for shipping costs.

Human Hair

  • We do allow human hair to be used in our pieces under strict conditions and guidelines.
  • We are not liable for the loss, damage, or theft of human hair. 
  • All human hair sent to us for use in your custom pieces of deceased loved ones must be sent to us certified mail, with tracking and require a signature.  It will be sent back to you the same way.
  • Human hair must be extremely clean and order ready for sanitary reasons.  It will not be treated or washed upon receipt before being used to create your custom piece. 
  • If the hair sent is not clean, it will not be accepted by our staff for health reasons.  The hair will be immediately returned and the order will be refunded. 

Levade Policies

  • All customized products ordered on Levade are handmade and subject to artistic liberties from the artist.
  • Levade reserves the right to change materials, styles and custom options at will and in accordance to product and material availability.  We reserve the right to substitute like products or customization as needed.
  • Customers may request specific customization or features added to their horse at any time.  All requests must be emailed to in writing.  If they are not, the customer is responsible for any additional costs in executing the changes. 
  • Orders are typically completed within 8-12 weeks of the date the tail is received from the customer, but may take as long as 6 months depending on time of year and season and unforeseen delays.  You fully accept this fact.  
  • It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the tail is shipped to us properly.  We are not responsible for tails lost in the mail. 
  • Levade artists do our very best to work with our customers to customize their horses and to match colors and markings.  In order to do this proper photos are required.  If photos are not available, we reserve the right to take artistic liberties in creating a customer's item. 
  • Customer has 1 year to mail the horse's tail for Levade customization. After that period we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the customer.
  • By placing an order with us you agree 100% to our store policies and waiver regulation ecommerce rights.  You understand that orders can take several months, that all other orders can cause order delays and any order may have delays due to unforeseen circumstances. 
  • All jurisdiction for any and all disputes is in Monmouth County, New Jersey.  

Broken or Damaged Horses

  • If a Clay Horse is damaged in any way in shipping we will cover the cost of return shipping and repair the horse at no cost to you. 
  • If a Clay Horse is damaged after a customer has received it, depending on the severity of the damage, we may be able to repair your horse for you for free or a small fee, plus the cost of return shipping.  Repairs are on a case by case basis.